IF NOT NOW, WHEN?: My Words of Honor to LGBTQ Youth

This is a poem I wrote in honor of the LGBTQ+ community, that I am so honored to be a part of. By going through various societal struggles growing up, I was able to convert pain to motivation, on how we can end the brutality we see so much of in today's world. This piece was published in The New Worcester Spy in 2022.

GAGA_ The Woman, The Icon.pdf

Lady Gaga: The Woman, The Icon

This is an argumentative piece against a Vice critic's statements, regarding Lady Gaga's career. As one of the most influential figures in my life, I wrote this piece out of sole appreciation for everything Gaga has done for not only me, specifically, but also for the LGBTQ+ community. Though this piece was written back in 2020, I was appointed for publication in 2022 by The Stone Quarterly, a Literary Arts Journal.