Examples of some graphics created with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe InDesign.

All designs and concepts are original, independently created, and designed by Anthony Drapos. 

Miley Cyrus: Merchandise Designs and Concepts Instagram Page @MILEYWORLDMERCH

Several popular culture merchandise designs and concepts posted each week that can be viewed on my Instagram Page.   All merchandise concepts and visual mock-ups seen were designed by Anthony.

Great Minds Think Alike!

On March 21, Miley Cyrus announced that she would be putting out a live album titled 'Attention,' so I quickly came up with some design concepts that night to share on Twitter. One of the concepts that I came up with was to square-crop the image displayed to the left below, to just the area of her rear. On March 26, the official album cover was revealed, which shares great similarity to the edit that I came up with. This is a great example of my abilities to think from Miley's perspective when it comes time to creating designs.

Sun City Tanning Salon: Store Card and Gift Certificate Design

Creative direction provided by client, design done by me. Client asked for a crimson and gold color palette, that would both incorporate and compliment the store logo. Client requested the typography shown.