Letter of recommendation to The Walt Disney Company. Written by Matthew Ortoleva, chair of the English Department at Worcester State University.

Drapos Recommendation.doc

Letter of recommendation. Written by Don Vescio, former-chair of the English Department at Worcester State University.

Drapos, Anthony Recommendation (Feb 24).pdf

"I first met Anthony in my EN 101 College Writing I course at Worcester State University. I was fortunate to work with him an additional semester in 102 and now, we are reunited once again this time in the Writing Center--I am currently the interim director and he is a writing consultant, engaging and assisting his peers with various stages of the writing process. 

Anthony is a junior majoring in English and Communications at WSU. Besides his writing and design interests in music and pop culture, Anthony is highly dedicated to supporting the LGBTQ+ community through his writing practice and activism. His poem, "IF NOT NOW, WHEN: My Words of Honor to LGBTQ Youth," received an honorable mention in the Barbara Pilon Poetry Contest and he also participated in a public reading of this work at the University's LGBTQ+ Flag Raising Ceremony this past April. He is a caring individual-- dedicated, and loyal. He has a strong personal conviction in tandem with a strong work ethic in his roles as a student, employee and citizen." 

-Heather J. Macpherson

English Department, Worcester State University

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