"I first met Anthony in my EN 101 College Writing I course at Worcester State University. I was fortunate to work with him an additional semester in 102 and now, we are reunited once again this time in the Writing Center--I am currently the interim director and he is a writing consultant, engaging and assisting his peers with various stages of the writing process.

Anthony is a junior majoring in English and Communications at WSU. Besides his writing and design interests in music and pop culture, Anthony is highly dedicated to supporting the LGBTQ+ community through his writing practice and activism. His poem, "IF NOT NOW, WHEN: My Words of Honor to LGBTQ Youth," received an honorable mention in the Barbara Pilon Poetry Contest and he also participated in a public reading of this work at the University's LGBTQ+ Flag Raising Ceremony this past April. He is a caring individual-- dedicated, and loyal. He has a strong personal conviction in tandem with a strong work ethic in his roles as a student, employee and citizen."

-Heather J. Macpherson

English Department, Worcester State University